[course] Get Started Using WebAssembly (wasm)

  • This course begins with some small steps for working with WebAssembly straight away using online tools wasm Explorer and wasm Fiddle to try out the examples in the browser. We start by calling a WebAssembly function from JS, then a JS function from WebAssembly, then go on to reading and writing WebAssembly memory from JS. To move beyond these online sandboxes, we show the exact steps for setting up and running a complete local WebAssembly build workflow using the experimental LLVM WebAssembly build target. We then take a demo WebGL application written in JS and show how we can optimize this with WebAssembly to get a real world example of a WebAssembly performance improvement, although it isn’t as obvious a process as we might have hoped.

    Watch full course: https://egghead.io/courses/get-started-using-webassembly-wasm

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