Announcing GraalWasm — a WebAssembly engine in GraalVM

  • We’re happy to announce the initial public work on GraalWasm — the WebAssembly engine implemented in GraalVM. GraalWasm currently implements the WebAssembly MVP (Minimum Viable Product) specification, and can run WebAssembly programs in the binary format, generated with compiler backends such as Emscripten.
    Supporting WebAssembly expands the set of languages GraalVM can execute with a whole other set of languages to the ones supported by GraalVM and is further step towards making it a universal platform for programming language execution. This feature was also highly requested by the GraalVM community and we are happy to share our first results.
    Note that this is a very early implementation, and GraalWasm is currently in experimental mode. We are working on extending our test suites and benchmarks, and we plan to improve performance and to implement WebAssembly extensions in the future. Feedback and open-source contributions are very welcome!
    This blog post will cover what WebAssembly is, how GraalWasm was implemented in GraalVM, and how to use it.

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