🐘+🦀+🕸 php-ext-wasm: Migrating from wasmi to Wasmer

  • How php-ext-wasm has migrated from wasmi to Wasmer and now enjoys a 29x speedup, is faster than PHP itself, and is closer to native speed.

    The PHP virtual machine (VM) is Zend Engine. To write an extension, one needs to develop in C or C++. The extension was simple C bindings to a Rust library I also wrote. At that time, this Rust library was using wasmi for the WebAssembly VM. I knew that wasmi wasn’t the fastest WebAssembly VM in the game, but the API is solid, well-tested, it compiles quickly, and is easy to hack. All the requirements to start a project!

    Read the article: https://medium.com/wasmer/php-ext-wasm-migrating-from-wasmi-to-wasmer-4d1014f41c88

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