WebAssembly in Action

  • WebAssembly in Action introduces the WebAssembly stack and walks you through the process of writing and running browser-based applications. Expert developer Gerard Gallant gives you a firm foundation of the structure of a module, HTML basics, JavaScript Promises, and the WebAssembly JavaScript API. After building simple modules, you’ll delve deeper into dynamic linking of multiple modules at runtime, working with NodeJS modules, building modules with C/C++ and the Emscripten toolkit, and running a UI-independent thread with an HTML5 web worker.

    To ensure your code is error-free, you’ll also learn about WebAssembly Text Format, which is vital for debugging. You’ll reinforce your learning with real-world examples and get a glimpse of features-to-come, including host bindings and garbage collection. WebAssembly makes it possible to create apps for online video gaming, image and video editing, virtual reality, peer-to-peer collaboration, music streaming, and many more without adjusting to the idiosyncrasies of JavaScript. This well-rounded tutorial is your ticket!

    WebAssembly in Action has now entered Manning's Early Access Program (MEAP): https://www.manning.com/books/webassembly-in-action

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