Speed up source-map generation with WebAssembly: Google Summer of Code 2018

  • WebAssembly, or WASM, is a new technology that enables code to be compiled and run faster in web and server applications. In this project, webpack-sources, one of the core packages of Webpack, and its dependencies source-list-map and source-map are re-written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly binary to speed up the webpack bundling time. The new package is designed to be API compatible with the previous version in JavaScript, and you can substitute for the old package directly without any modifications in Webpack and plugins.

    Although it has not yet been released as a default dependency in Webpack, you can simply try it out with webpack-cli. See the Github project for more information.

    Read the full article: https://medium.com/@JevanChan/speed-up-source-map-generation-with-webassembly-google-summer-of-code-2018-e67407ed2e49

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