Current State of WebAssembly with Sean Larkin, Jay Phelps, Ben Lesh, and Tracy Lee

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    In this Modern Web podcast, 4 JavaScripters discuss WebAssembly.

    Sean Larkin (@thelarkinn), core team member webpack

    Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps), co-author redux-observable, wasm enthusiast, compiler freak

    Tracy Lee (@ladyleet), RxJS core team, Google Developer Expert, co-founder This Dot Labs

    Ben Lesh (@benlesh), RxJS core team, engineer at Google, RxWorkshop

    Topics covered:

    • Should you care about WebAssembly?
    • How is webpack involved with WebAssembly?
    • What can you do now with wasm?
    • How is the wasm spec being formed and advancing?
    • How can you get involved with wasm?

    Youtube Video

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