Will JavaScript die due to WebAssembly?

  • I can’t say if JavaScript will die soon or not; but I can strongly say wasm is a friend to our beloved JavaScript and will only help empowering it. JavaScript as a language will evolve more and lot of things which we do in a hack way in JavaScript will completely vanish.
    I accept, if more languages evolve, the market share of JavaScript may go down due to competition. But we must not forget how much competition Node.js faced in the server side web. But it not only survived, but performed so well that people have started switching their server side to node.
    Competition is the root cause of evolution and thus, irrespective of what happens to JavaScript, we can say, the web is going to be better for sure. And that is why, even if JS dies due to the new languages by WebAssembly, we shouldn’t hate it, just because… we’re so much into JavaScript today.

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